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the remote and little known rice terraces of yuanyang county in china’s yunnan province were built by the hani people along the contours of ailao mountain range during the ming dynasty five hundred years ago. the terraces, once planted during the early spring season, are then irrigated with spring water from the forest above, which reflect sunlight to create the images seen here.

photos by jialiang gao, javarman, isabelle chauvel and thierry bornier

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Windy winter day | Jane Bjerkli

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12/ ∞ eternally fabulous fashions! Nicolas Jebran F/W 2014

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not post-racial but post-racist

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Ethereal Paper Sculptures Float Inside a Church by Peter Gentenaar

Peter Gentenaar isn’t any ordinary paper artist. He creates extraordinarily beautiful paper sculptures that have an ethereal quality to them. His exhibition at the abbey church of Saint-Riquier church in northern France proves this point. It’s where he hung more than a 100 paper sculptures in the church’s grand halls.

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Leonardo DiCaprio and Christoph Waltz on the red carpet at the 86th Annual Academy Awards, March 2nd 2014

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